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1: » The Amazing Mid-Sized Volkswagen Jetta
Back during the late 1970s, Volkswagen began to realize that they had a bit of a problem on their hands: the VW Rabbit/Golf was a fine vehicle, but it lacked an important body part which many American drivers desired: a trunk. Yes, the hatchback craze never did quite well in the US market as motorists couldn't get used to having all of their personal stuff covered over by what resembled a tarp. Instead, sales of competing sedans kept Rabbit sales down until VW decided to develop a second model, the Jetta, to fill the gap. What was originally a model based on the Rabbit has now been transformed into an amazing mid-sized sedan in its own right. Read on and we'll take a look at how the Volkswagen Jetta transformed the middle of VW's line up.

2: Buying Used Cars Online
In this modern world, technology has been changing frequently in which majority of the people prefer to ride in their own car. There are many schemes under which cars can be bought easily by hire purchase. Though, there are many schemes, some people prefer second hand cars or used cars. There are many used cars for sale across the world. The main purpose for which people prefer used cars as they can be bought at a lower price compared with the original price of the car.

3: The Sporty and Capable Volkswagen GTI
It is compact as well as lightweight and certainly to become the car favored by aftermarket tuners the world over. What am I talking about? Volkswagen GTI - a car with a whole lot of moxie and plenty of power to go with it. VW has a hit on its hands with its latest version of the GTI pocket rocket, a car that certainly grabs the attention of car fans. Please read on to learn just what makes the GTI the hands down favorite with the tuner set.

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