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The Sporty and Capable Volkswagen GTI

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It is compact as well as lightweight and certainly to become the car favored by aftermarket tuners the world over. What am I talking about? Volkswagen GTI - a car with a whole lot of moxie and plenty of power to go with it. VW has a hit on its hands with its latest version of the GTI pocket rocket, a car that certainly grabs the attention of car fans. Please read on to learn just what makes the GTI the hands down favorite with the tuner set.

Take a Volkswagen Rabbit and inject it with steroids and you have a Super Bunny. That is exactly what Volkswagen did more than two decades ago when the first souped up Rabbit hit the streets. Instead of keeping the more docile Rabbit name, however, VW elected to use the GTI, which originally stood for grand touring injection.

Although the Rabbit name quickly gave way to the Golf name here in the US, the GTI designation has lived on. Even as Volkswagen of America plays the name game by once again renaming the Golf as the Rabbit, the GTI is the model name that is reserved exclusively for this high powered compact.

What sets the GTI apart from the Rabbit/Golf pack? Many things including:

A potent 2.0L turbo charged 4 cylinder engine with fuel stratified injection capable of reaching 200 horsepower.

A six speed manual transmission or a six speed automatic. The six speed tranny is a major improvement as it reduces shift time between gears to an absolute minimum. You get to rocket from zero to 60 in no time and with less effort!

Unlike the original GTIs, the current rendition of this beastie VW is available in both 3 and 5 door hatch models. Yes, squeeze in the kiddies while you are at it and take them for a truly memorable joy ride!

The GTI also comes loaded with favorite options as standard equipment including alloy wheels, alloy pedals, sunroof, sport seats, sport instrument cluster, a race inspired steering wheel, and much more. With a retail price beginning at just over $22,000, the GTI is no cheap model and some consumers may find it out of their price league. Volkswagen wanted to distinguish the GTI from the basic tuners out there by giving owners a fully equipped ride with all of the demanded extras included.

The GTI now coursing American highways is actually the fifth generation of this venerable model. During the third and fourth generation, VW seemed to have lost their way thinking that a V6 engine would fit nicely with the vehicle. Unfortunately, it did not and drivers complained about the added weight that the larger engine brought to the car.

The fifth generation model returns to the car's roots by emphasizing speed, nimble handling, and a terrific suspension. Indeed, the VW GTI is one car that isn't afraid to take on larger and heavier sport models and leave them behind in its dust. With a choice of two or four doors, the newest GTI has something for just about everyone.

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