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Credit Card Payment Processing Takes Your Small Business Global

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Okay, so you've got a great idea for a new Internet business.  Now what?  The first thing you'll need to do is establish a means of accepting credit card payments online, either through your own merchant account, or by using a third-party merchant account payment processing service.  There are many options to choose from, so how can you know what is the best payment processing solution for your new business?  Let's examine the possibilities…

If you already have an established business, and you'd simply like to expand into the online world, setting up your own merchant account for online payment processing could be a good option.  Likewise, if you are an experienced developer and coder, and have no trouble integrating your own online shopping cart and check-out for payment processing, setting up a merchant account of your own could feasible; however, you will still need to consider the time involved, and whether your days would be better spent promoting your business, than dealing with API code.

But for most small startup companies online, the cost and technical knowledge of setting up and maintaining your own integrated merchant account/payment processing solution is simply prohibitive.  Smaller companies usually need to devote a great deal of time to promotion, networking and building client relationships.  By using a third-party payment processing service, a small company can free up more time to grow the new business. 

Merchant account payment processing services normally charge a small percentage-based fee per transaction.  This means that, unless you are expecting a very high volume of sales transactions, a third-party payment processing service will usually be more economically feasible than trying to set up and maintain your own web-based payment system.

Additionally, most third-party merchant account services will provide a certain degree of customer service for you, freeing up even more time that you can devote to promoting your new business.  For example, post-sale payment questions or credit card chargeback complaints (and yes, they do happen from time to time) can all be handled by your merchant account provider.

It's also important to consider your level of comfort in dealing with technical aspects like coding or implementing API code on your web site.  If it sounds like I'm speaking Latin right now, then you're probably not very comfortable at all with the technical aspects of setting up a payment solution on your site.  But never fear; by using a third-party merchant account provider, you can free yourself of all the technical mumbo-jumbo and maintenance.  Using merchant account payment processing gives you a hands-off solution for accepting credit card payments from around the world.

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